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酮 dieting doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it is possible to cut out all those cheap processed foods and replace them with healthy, 酮-friendly options without seeing a substantial increase in your food expenses.

Although you won’t be able to beat the prices on cookies, cakes, chips, noodles, rice, and beans with 酮 foods, you can still eat 酮 on a budget for just around $2 per meal. All you have to do is implement a few of these budgeting techniques and strategies:

  • Follow a 酮 budgeting plan
  • 自己做饭,零食和其他食品
  • 利用一般的储蓄(优惠券,优惠和折扣)
  • Shop online for cheaper 酮 essentials
  • 批量购买,冷冻和烹饪
  • 避免不必要的金钱浪费

These will get you the bulk of your savings. To help you cut costs even more, we will explore other helpful hacks you can use for specific 酮 food groups and 酮 supplements later in this 文章.

让’s begin by creating the foundation for following 酮 on a budget: Your plan.



Planning will take up more of your time and energy at first as you get your 酮 diet right, but it will be more than worth it in the long run. A proper diet and budgeting plan may be the one thing keeping your health, weight loss results, and bank account from trending in the right direction.

It is important to note, however, that the same 酮 budgeting plan won’t work for everyone. This is why we broke down this 文章 by strategies and by food groups to help you decrease your expenses from every angle.


  • 每周创建自己的用餐计划和杂货清单,并坚持执行。 Find 酮 meals that you can make in bulk for the upcoming week, and create a shopping list from the recipe ingredients. Not only is this a great way to ensure that you won’t spend more than intended, but it will help you get the weight loss and health results you want as well. To help you get started with planning your meals, check out 我们的示例7天用餐计划和购物清单 或浏览 our 酮 recipe page.
  • 使用特别优惠,折扣和销售来指导您的膳食计划。 Rather than planning ahead by focusing on what 酮 meals you’ll make, prioritize the 酮-friendly foods and ingredients that are on sale instead. Combine the items you find on sale with ingredients, foods, and leftovers you already have to create innovative 酮 meals. This strategy requires some cooking experience, a spark of creativity, and a decent understanding of what foods are 酮-friendly, but if you can pull it off, you’不仅可以大幅度减少杂货开支,而且还能烹制精美的饭菜。
  • 通过减少一餐或两餐来降低成本。 换句话说,您可以按照间歇性的禁食计划来减少一顿或两顿饭的饮食费用(例如,只吃晚餐或午餐和晚餐)。用一些咖啡或茶代替培根和鸡蛋,以增加能量或尝试食用 酮黄油咖啡 如果您需要一些额外的脂肪作为燃料。这种不进餐的策略将帮助您减少开支和体内脂肪百分比,而不必提出复杂的饮食和预算计划。有关间歇性禁食及其益处的更多信息, 点击这里.

Although I present these budgeting plans as separate examples, you can combine them in any way that fits within your budget, lifestyle, and health/body composition goals. Just make sure you implement the strategies found below along with your 酮 budget plan to maximize your savings.


cheap 酮 meals

From full 酮 meals to 酮 ingredients like nut butters and low-carb flour, you will save a lot of money by making them yourself. Anything that is premade or processed in any way will typically come with a higher price tag than the raw, unprocessed form of the food item.

So, instead of falling for the more convenient product at a higher price, try buying the ingredients in their unprocessed form and making the 酮 meal, snack, or ingredient yourself.

在大多数情况下,您将需要使用 食品加工机,因此,如果您还没有一台,请确保购买。它们具有数千种用途,而且价格便宜,而且最重要的是,它们将使您在厨房的生活变得如此轻松。

一旦您 have your 食品加工机, you’ll be ready to make a much cheaper version of these common 酮 foods and ingredients:

  • 低碳水化合物面粉/餐。 Almond meal, flax meal, and many other nut and seed meals can be made with a 食品加工机 as a way to reduce costs and decrease the amount of toxic, oxidized fats found in your processed nuts and seeds. The fresh almond meal can then be used as a substitute for almond flour (its expensive cousin) in most 酮 recipes. You’ll typically find the best deals for nuts and seeds when you buy them in bulk online. For example, I tend to buy my 杏仁,每磅$ 7 当我想做些杏仁粉或杏仁黄油时,在亚马逊上。
  • 坚果和种子黄油。 需要一种美味的方法来使饮食中摄入更多的脂肪,蛋白质和纤维吗?尝试研磨您喜欢的坚果或种子(或它们的组合),直到油开始分离。当坚果和/或种子被细磨并粘在一起时,可以通过掺入一些油来加快此过程。例如,您可以使用这种方法在食物处理器中在20分钟内制成杏仁黄油。它的成本仅为商店中杏仁黄油的一半。如果您对坚果和花生过敏,甚至可以使用此方法制作美味的葵花籽黄油。
  • 酮汤。 您也可以从头开始制作健康美味的汤,而不必购买价格过高的预制汤成分。我们的 烤波布兰诺和切达干酪汤 食谱,例如,向您展示如何将花椰菜变成丰盛的奶油汤,还有大量剩菜 午餐.
  • 酮调味品。 芥末酱,番茄酱,烧烤酱和蛋黄酱可能会偷偷摸摸地破坏预算。另外,其中许多产品都含有不必要的糖和其他不健康成分。您的健康和银行帐户的最佳选择是在家制作自己喜欢的调味品。上 our 酮 condiment recipe page, you will find dozens of 酮-friendly flavor boosters including 自制LC番茄酱, 手工蛋黄酱酮 BBQ Sauce
  • Store-bought salad dressings are condiment’s ugly cousin. They tend to be more expensive and packed with unhealthy oils and other dubious ingredients like added sugar and artificial preservatives. To save you the trouble of finding a healthy, 酮-friendly, and relatively cheap salad dressing, try making our 酮 dressing recipes instead. Some of our most popular recipes are 酮批准的牧场敷料, Zesty 酮意大利调味料酮 5分钟凯撒酱.

By making these common 酮 foods and ingredients at home, you will notice some extra space in your budget open up.


  • 在家做饭。 自制饭菜而不是外出吃饭是增加储蓄和改善健康的最佳策略之一。避免在餐厅用餐或从餐厅用餐而获得的额外费用,卡路里和碳水化合物,这样您的费用和腰围都会下降。
  • 让您的饭菜保持简单。 这种预算策略将帮助您减少成本,减少体内脂肪含量并减少在厨房中花费的时间。无需花哨的成分和高价的肉。通过将一些廉价的优质蛋白质与低碳水化合物蔬菜和大量健康脂肪相结合,简化您的低碳水化合物饮食。通过这种方式计划饮食,可以避免购买太多您很少使用的昂贵食材,同时又可以帮助您减少卡路里摄入。要添加更多风味吗?如果餐食太平淡,请准备一些自己喜欢的酮调味品,调味料,酱油和/或香料。
  • 大量烹饪。 计划剩余的食物。每天在早餐,午餐和晚餐上煮一顿新鲜的饭会很快耗尽您的精力和预算。找 酮 recipes with multiple servings (or double the recipe), so you don’t have to buy so many ingredients and cook every day throughout the week. To increase your savings, try planning your meals around weekly specials and discounts on different 酮 foods like meat, seafood, high-fat dairy, and low-carb vegetables.



让’s take a look at some of the best strategies for maximizing your savings on 酮:

  • Do a quick google search for coupon websites or check out the deals on your grocery store’s website. Adapt your weekly meal plan to the 酮 foods that are on sale to maximize your savings.
  • 寻找店内优惠和批量交易。为批量交易和其他优惠提供一些额外的钱。注意买一送一,买二送一,特别折扣和经理折扣。我看过经理关于Kerrygold黄油的特惠信息,让我以$ 12.50的价格获得5条。您可能还会发现经理的鸡肉特色菜,这为您提供了以便宜的价格储备鸡肉的绝佳机会(只需将其密封和冷冻即可,并且可以将其品质保持9-12个月)。
  • 询问打折的肉。 过期时,商店通常会提供肉类折扣。没有20%的折扣’在商店的冷藏室和冷藏室中很少见,特别是在碎牛肉上。如果你’不要对到期日期太在意,然后购买它,将其冻结,并在接下来的几个月中使用它。
  • 成为会员可获得特别折扣。 如果您经常光顾特定的杂货店,请确保您成为会员。您获得的额外折扣会随着时间的推移而增加。
  • 在批发俱乐部购物。 Sam’俱乐部,好市多和BJs Wholesale offer exclusive deals and discounts for members that cannot found at average grocery stores. If you normally buy common 酮 foods in bulk, then you will be able to save much more by using this strategy.
  • 使用智能手机应用可以节省更多。 有数十种旨在帮助您找到优惠券,折扣和现金返还机会的应用程序。在Google上快速搜索杂货店储蓄应用程序,您会找到评论和文章,以帮助您挑选最适合自己的应用程序。


通过批量购买节省您的Keto用餐计划& Freezing

酮 diet on a budget - buy in bulk

尽管您可以从当地的杂货店,Whole Foods或Trader Joe's获得一些优惠,但它们可能不会超过您在Sam's Club,沃尔玛,好市多和BJs Wholesale中找到的价格。这些批发商店和折扣百货商店通常在鸡肉,牛肉,有时还有鱼,奶酪和其他酮类必需品方面有很多优惠。 (对于那些想要以便宜的价格获得最高质量的食物的人,他们也开始携带更多100%的草食肉类,野鱼和其他更高质量的可持续性动物产品。)


  • 买散装。 When you see a good price on common 酮 foods, buy it, and buy it up in bulk. This is the best way to get quality meats and seafood for cheap. Having 节省食物 进行批量购买将帮助您最大程度地利用金钱,因为多余的食物不会浪费。
  • 大量烹饪。 Many 酮 recipes will provide you with leftovers that can last you a few days. You can even plan it out so that you have leftover 晚餐s for 午餐 and pre-made 酮 breakfasts that will last you the whole week. You can also use a slow cooker to have 酮 soup or chili prepped and ready for your 午餐 and 晚餐 throughout the day.
  • 批量冻结。 当您发现大宗交易时,请将尽可能多的冷冻食品堆放在冰箱中,然后将它们散装制成食品,然后冷冻或存放剩菜。以这种方式处理您的饭菜,使您始终可以在家里用餐。您可以吃早餐,午餐,甚至 晚餐 冻结了这一天,您所要做的就是将其从 冰箱. This will make following 酮 on a budget so much easier for you. Just remember to mark dates and 使用食物节省者 保持食物尽可能新鲜。

By following these tips, you can potentially have healthy 酮 meals for less than $2 a meal – a price that can only be rivaled by cheap high-carb meals like rice and beans, peanut butter and jelly, or ramen noodles.

在线购买便宜的Keto Essentials

Online shopping is becoming one of the best ways to get your favorite food products as cheaply and conveniently as possible. So many common 酮 ingredients (e.g., almond flour, nuts, seeds, and spices) are much cheaper when you buy them online. They can be up to half of the price you see in the stores – even when you compare to the bulk wholesale stores.

Here is a list of some common 酮 products that you will typically find online for cheaper than the store:

  • 杏仁粉. Almond flour is a fantastic low-carb alternative to regular flour. While it does take some experimenting to get used to, this will be a staple in almost all of your 酮-friendly baked goods.
  • 椰子粉。与杏仁粉类似,这也是厨房中的低碳水化合物主食。很多时候,食谱要求将杏仁和椰子粉混合在一起,以帮助平衡椰子粉的吸收性。但是,这并没有’t mean that coconut flour cannot be used on its own. You can use this versatile flour on its own to make delicious 酮-friendly baked goods as well.
  • 椰子油。这种流行的油具有很高的熔点,因此可以用于烹饪,并且倾向于具有天然甜味,因此可以将其混合到任何食品中。 酮 dessert 你能想到的。您也可以将其用作脂肪基础 炸弹,这将帮助您在饮食中添加更多健康的脂肪。
  • 橄榄油。由于其高抗氧化剂含量,健康益处和多功能性,请确保您始终手边有橄榄油。将其用作调味料的基础,与之搭配烹饪,或偷偷吃一些自己喜欢的食物以获得一些额外的健康脂肪。选择特级初榨橄榄油,因为发现它的熔点比其他类型的橄榄油更高。
  • 杏仁 and other nuts. Nuts make a great snack, can be used to make delicious crusts and breading, and can be turned into a low-carb flour or nut butter. 杏仁 are the most versatile nuts when it comes to 酮 baking because most recipes call for almond meal or almond flour (which can be used interchangeably in many cases). Nuts are expensive though, so you may want stick to buying almonds and only buy them when you need them to make almond meal or almond butter.
  • 车前子壳粉。从味道到质地到潜在的健康益处,欧车前籽壳都是厨房中不可缺少的成分。它’极好的吸收性,增加了全麦面粉的风味和质地,并为我们提供了丰富的纤维来源。当你’重新制作面包,松饼,甜甜圈或玉米饼时,车前子壳可以为您提供所需的额外质感和风味。
  • 黄原胶。这种无碳水化合物的增稠剂将持续数月。只是少量将大有帮助。从增稠炖汤到制作冰淇淋,黄原胶将成为您低碳水化合物厨房中不可替代的成分。
  • 纯赤藓糖醇. If you need a little sweetness to add to your morning beverage or 酮-friendly baked goods, make sure you have some erythritol on hand. It is virtually calorie-free, non-toxic, almost all of it is excreted out of the body, and only higher doses have been found to cause side effects (i.e., digestive issues).
  • 液体甜菊. From lowering blood sugars to optimizing cholesterol and blood pressure, Stevia is a sweetener that we may all benefit from. If you’re not a fan of the taste, try mixing a smaller dose with some erythritol. These two 酮 sweeteners tend to have a much more pleasant taste when used together.
  • 干草药和香料. Having a decent selection of herbs and spices at the ready will help you turn any bland 酮 meal into something you can’t wait to eat again. To make sure you have all the bases covered, invest in a 草药和香料入门套件.




  • 使用某种形式的Amazon Prime。亚马逊为其主要会员提供超过1亿个合格商品的免费两天送货服务。学生的年费为49美元(免费试用6个月),其他人的年费为99美元(免费试用1个月)。如果您已经从亚马逊大量订购,那么这对您来说是非常值得的。您还可以将您的帐户和年费与其他家庭成员分开,以使其更便宜。
  • 使用提供特定订单金额免费送货(和折扣)的网站。查找一个网站,该网站在您的购物车达到特定数量后提供免费送货,为您的购物车填充您打算购买的物品,并从其送货政策中受益。如果您也注册了他们的邮件列表,则某些网站可能会在您的第一笔订单上为您提供额外的折扣。



  • 零食和甜点。零食和甜点是不必要的支出,它们通常会降低您的搜索结果。如果您需要经常吃零食或吃甜点,请考虑您要吃的饭菜。如果饭后仍然饿,则可能需要添加更多健康的脂肪和/或蛋白质,以使您的饱腹感更长。
  • 饮料几乎总是被高估了。停止购买咖啡/茶饮料,无糖汽水,冰沙,果汁,酒精饮料和瓶装水。如果您想尽可能多地增加储蓄,请只喝自来水。您还可以添加一点酸橙汁,柠檬汁或一些薄荷叶,以制成天然的提神饮料,从而以便宜的价格制作自己的调味水。
  • 食物浪费。 始终提前计划,只购买您知道要吃的东西。这意味着不浪费食物,不冲动购买,不扔掉剩菜。在购物之前,请先检查冰箱和餐具室,并计划在变质之前将所有这些食物加进餐中。您甚至可以保存少量剩余的蔬菜,并将其包括在菜肉馅煎蛋饼,煎蛋卷或汤中。
  • 外出吃饭 Buying 午餐 和/或 晚餐 every day is incredibly expensive. If it is difficult for you to find the time to make 午餐, then rely on the leftovers from last night’s 晚餐 or this morning’s breakfast.  You can also make a quick 酮 salad by adding some cold roast meat, cheese, and olive oil to a bowl of your favorite leafy greens.
  • 加工食品。 Processed foods are expensive. You end up paying extra for every additional step taken to prepare that food. Stop buying for convenience; Make choices that help you pile on the savings instead. Skip the ready-to-cook vegetables and convenient 酮 bars, and opt for 酮 foods in their least processed form.
  • 冲动购买。 无论您在网上,实体店中的任何地方购物,都可以激发更多的消费。颜色,布局,建议,限时交易–所有这些都是为了增加销量。为了防止自己陷入冲动购买的陷阱,请始终制定计划,在压力或饥饿时要坚持并永远不要去商店。
  • 大多数补品。 随着酮饮食的普及,越来越多“keto”补品已经弹出。通常,这些补品的价格会更高,因为它们是“keto-friendly.” Instead of spending that extra buck, do some background research on the ingredients. Make sure the ingredients are scientifically proven to do what the label claims, and find a cheaper, high-quality version of the supplement. For more specific advice on what 酮 supplements to buy, scroll down to the “Keto 补品”本文的第二部分。


Now we have a stable foundation for 酮 dieting on a budget. Simply by following these strategies, we can cut the cost of 酮 substantially:

  • 创建自己的预算计划
  • 自己做饭,零食和其他食品
  • 最大限度地节省您的一般费用
  • Shop online for cheaper 酮 essentials
  • 批量购买,冷冻和烹饪
  • 避免不必要的金钱浪费

However, this isn’t where the savings stop. There are some other valuable tips and tricks to be aware of when buying from common 酮 food categories as well.


香料& Flavorings

spices for a cheap 酮 meal plan

香料and herbs are a relatively cheap way to take your meals to the next level. Common spices like garlic powder, cayenne pepper, red pepper flakes, cumin, curry powder, oregano, thyme, and rosemary may be all you need to turn a bland 酮 meal into a culinary masterpiece that is packed with health benefits.


对于那些还不熟悉草药和香料的人,您可能需要投资购买草药和香料入门工具,例如 这个。刚开始时它有点贵,但是当您烹饪更多的自制食物时,它将获得巨大的回报。

如果您想添加香料无法提供的口味,请尝试使用 托拉尼糖浆. They are a great way to add a depth of flavor with a splash. You can add it to your drinks, sauces, and 酮 desserts. These concentrated flavorings may be all you need to get past your sweet tooth cravings as you are adapting to the 酮 diet.


酮 budget meal plan: coffee and tea


为了尽可能节省钱,请坚持使用自来水。取一个大的,可再填充的水瓶,将其装满,并全天饮用。这将使您保持水分,抵御一些讨厌的东西 酮 flu symptoms.


在家中冲泡咖啡和茶的唯一警告是避免使用Keurig和K杯。即使您以20%的折扣获得K-Cup,他们仍然可以’如果您使用标准的咖啡机和Maxwell House研磨咖啡冲泡一杯咖啡,那将与您的咖啡价格相抗衡。 (其他品牌的咖啡价格会更高,但仍应比单个K-Cup价格便宜。)



cheap 酮 recipes with vegetables

Buying high-quality produce for cheap can be pretty tricky. Here are some general guidelines to follow when trying to save on 酮 veggies:

  • 新鲜和未经加工的几乎总是最好的。 冷冻和原始预切/预包装蔬菜的价格通常会高于未加工的新鲜蔬菜。例如,2磅的西兰花原料通常比2磅的西兰花小包装(新鲜或冷冻)便宜。该规则的唯一例外可能是在蔬菜的冷冻或预处理品种有交易或折扣的情况下。
  • 使菠菜,西兰花和花椰菜成为您的低碳水化合物蔬菜主食。 These three are low in carbs and some of the best price per nutrient vegetables you can get. Cauliflower usually isn’t the best price, but it is the most versatile vegetable we have in our 酮 arsenal. You can turn in into pretty much everything from pizza crust to rice to mashed “potatoes.”
  • 限制您食用昂贵的蔬菜。例如,青椒,洋葱和羽衣甘蓝通常比它们的价值更昂贵。通过使用草药,香料,骨汤和便宜的低碳水化合物蔬菜来限制这些蔬菜,可以弥补您将失去的风味和健康益处。
  • 按季节吃。 低碳水化合物蔬菜(和水果)在您所在地区(即当季)种植最多时,通常是最便宜的。快速搜索一下,以了解当前此时您所在地区盛产哪些蔬菜,并计划将其纳入您的每周膳食中(只要它们是 酮-friendly)。



我曾经购买过的最便宜的优质蔬菜是从当地的社区花园中获取的,因此请随时注意附近的蔬菜。 (您甚至可以每周自愿工作几个小时来获得免费农产品。)



Unfortunately, avocados and berries will be some of the most expensive items in your shopping cart. However, avocados can provide you with one of the greatest 酮-friendly sources of potassium, fiber, and heart-healthy monounsaturated, and berries are packed with some of the most potent plant compounds known to improve everything from blood sugar to brain health. Should you avoid them altogether to save money? It depends.

如果鳄梨和浆果能使您走上快速突破预算的道路,那就用便宜些的东西代替它们 低碳水化合物蔬菜. They may not have the same exact amount of nutrients, but you will be able to get plenty of minerals, vitamins, and health-promoting plant compounds just from eating 酮-friendly vegetables.


  • 仅在出售时购买鳄梨和浆果。
  • 在季节中寻找浆果和鳄梨的特别折扣(具体取决于您的地理区域)。
  • 使用鳄梨油以获得单不饱和脂肪的好处,如果鳄梨在您所在地区价格过高,则完全不要购买。


脂肪类& Meats

A major chunk of your fats and proteins will be coming from meat while you are on the 酮 diet. To make sure you are not paying too much for this 酮 staple, follow these tips:

  • 批量购买便宜的肉块。例如,如果您可以大量购买鸡胸肉,请尽可能多地购买和冷冻。它可以持续很长时间,而且味道仍然很棒。但是,如果您可以批量购买鸡大腿,那就更好了。它们比白肉便宜,脂肪更多,最终变得更加美味多汁。当涉及到红肉时,跳过羊肉块和牛排,直接去地面的卡盘。地面吸盘要便宜得多,并且一次可以在冰箱中保存6-8个月。
  • 尽可能多吃东西。 By eating head to tail, have more than just the muscle meat (i.e., chicken breast or ground beef). Find a way to incorporate organs, bones, and other cheaper parts of the animal in your diet as well. For example, buy the whole chicken instead of the chicken breast. You can easily turn it into multiple delicious 酮 meals, and when you are finished with the meat, you can make the leftover bones, organs, and cartilage into a nutritious chicken broth (点击这里 如果您想查看我们有关骨头汤及其制作方法的文章)。
  • 多吃一些器官肉。 您可以以牛肉和鸡肉成本的一小部分购买许多不同类型的器官肉。牛肝是最营养,最容易找到的器官肉。食用它比任何蔬菜或补品更有效地满足您对维生素A和B维生素的需求。如果您不喜欢牛肉肝或其他任何器官的肉,请尝试将它们切成小块,然后添加到 酮 chili。香料和其他辣椒成分会掩盖所有令人讨厌的味道。
  • 尽可能重复使用。 有一些剩余的动物脂肪吗?保存起来,用它来做下一顿饭(别忘了用培根脂肪做这件事,这顿饭的味道会好得多)。有骨头吗?把它们变成肉汤。永远不要浪费任何东西。
  • 购买即将到期的新鲜肉类。 通常,这些肉将是最便宜的,因为杂货店不会’希望他们的投资在到期之前就浪费掉。
  • 培根呢? Bacon is a bit expensive, but it is arguably the most popular 酮 staple, so I’d be remiss to leave it out of the conversation. You will typically find the best deals on bacon at wholesale clubs or when they go on sale at your local store. If you want to reduce your cost on bacon, you can search for the “Odds and Ends” of it. Odds and ends are literally the pieces from the end, the ones that the machine can’t cut into neat rectangles. They’甚至更胖,碎片呈不规则形状,大约是普通培根价格的1/3。



话虽如此,我不’建议完全避免食用鱼,因为它可以为我们提供大量的鱼类来源 ω-3脂肪酸 (即DHA和EPA),蛋白质,维生素和矿物质。




  • 选择去骨和去皮的鱼,而不是去骨和去皮的鱼。 将肉从皮肤和骨骼中释放出来所需的处理过程将使您额外花费,而且您’我们会错过骨骼和皮肤附带的健康钙和胶原蛋白。
  • 出售罐装野生鲑鱼和/或沙丁鱼罐头。使用您在预算计划中累积的储蓄,在出售鲑鱼和沙丁鱼罐头时进行投资。 野生星球 是最受欢迎的品牌之一,以合理的价格提供优质的海鲜。他们提供许多野生罐头海鲜产品,您可以在amazon.com或他们的网站上的各种杂货店中找到。
  • 在山姆搜索特别的海鲜优惠’俱乐部,好市多和BJ’s. 批发俱乐部开始以比大多数杂货店低得多的价格运送更多野生捕捞的海鲜。一旦他们为鲜鱼提供了特别折扣,就准备好利用它。




Regardless if they are on sale or not, make sure you stock up on eggs. Many 酮 dieters go through around 48 eggs a week and never get tired of them (and neither does their budget).



一旦您’ve stocked up on eggs, check out our 酮 recipes for a wide variety of ways to incorporate them in your diet.

For example, you can make a delicious breakfast with them by following these popular 酮 recipes:











  • 油橄榄 (〜0.82美元/盎司)
  • 加州橄榄牧场(〜0.63美元/盎司)
  • 柯克兰有机(约0.33美元/盎司)

其他值得信赖的价格更高的品牌是Lucini的California Olive Ranch,Cobram Estate。 Lucero(Ascolano)和McEvoy Ranch Organic。

根据对橄榄油的研究,这些品牌未能达到高质量的特级初榨橄榄油标准:Bertolli,Carapelli,Colavita,Star,Pompeian,Filippo Berio,Mazzola,Mezzetta,Newman’s Own, and Safeway.

Coconut oil is also great for high-heat cooking, and you can use it in everything from 酮proof coffee to 炸弹. It contains a good amount of medium chain triglycerides, which will help boost your 酮ne production and energy levels.


  • 精制椰子油通常是最便宜的。
  • 未经精炼通常会贵一些(每盎司几美分)。
  • 在线购买和批量购买均可获得两种类型的最佳优惠。
  • 未经精制可带来更多甜味,椰子味,更健康。
  • 精制通常无味,无味,但可能含有一些加工过程中产生的氧化油。





让’s take a moment to talk about the dairy aisle, especially cheese and butter. High-fat dairy will be one of the major contributors of fat and flavor to your diet, so we must be mindful of how much we are spending on these 酮 staples.

Butter is one of the simplest and most delicious ways to add more fat to your 酮 diet. It can go in almost anything from your coffee to your soup, and you can use it to top of your meat or fish dish.





  • 批量购买。寻找您最喜欢的奶酪的销售,并在可能的情况下批量购买。
  • 块购买。 预切碎的奶酪通常会带有玉米淀粉等添加剂,您不会’t want on 酮. The cheese will taste much better when you shred it yourself. Buy your cheese in 5-pound blocks or more and use your food saver (or plastic bags) to save half for later. It’s not hard to go through 5 pounds of cheese in 2 weeks on 酮, so storing it in the fridge will be more than enough.
  • 自己加工奶酪。使用您的食品加工机来磨碎奶酪,而不是向奶酪公司支付额外费用来为您加工奶酪。大多数食品加工机都带有切碎的附件,会在10秒内吃掉一块奶酪,剩下的就是专业切碎的奶酪。


  • 寻找奶油乳酪,酸奶油,浓奶油等的优惠/折扣(仅在需要使用时)。
  • 仅购买这些产品的全脂,最低加工版本。



It seems that every week a new supplement is being released specifically for 酮 dieters. 酮 protein, 酮sis boosters, 酮ne salts, 酮 bars – the list of 酮 supplements keeps growing.


将您的金钱,时间和精力集中在 formulating a healthy 酮 diet for you和 you will get the results you want – no 酮 supplements necessary.

However, what should you do if you want to experiment? Here are some money-saving tips for 酮 supplements:

  • Want to boost your 酮ne production and energy levels? Buy MCT oil instead of 酮ne salts or 酮ne esters. MCT oil (with almost all C8 and C10 MCTs) have been proven to increase 酮ne levels (even after the ingestion of a high-carb meal) and are much cheaper than 酮ne salts and 酮ne esters. For more information on MCTs, check out 我们的深入文章 这些惊人的脂肪。
  • 想要在旅途中吃点快餐吗? 如果您需要点心,则坚持自制全食。远离“酮棒”,“阿特金斯棒”和“低碳水化合物棒”。其中许多含有不健康的成分,并且隐藏的净碳水化合物未在标签上反映出来。另外,它们价格过高。为了最大程度地节省您的钱,请避免一起吃零食,而应喝水,茶或咖啡。但是,如果您必须要有零食,那就去吃剩菜,奶酪,肉,坚果或自制坚果黄油。
  • 想锻炼肌肉吗? 避开那些酮蛋白粉,并坚持使用高质量的全食物蛋白。鸡蛋,肉,鱼和奶酪将是锻炼肌肉所需的全部。但是,如果您想拥有快速,便捷的蛋白质来源,那么最好的选择是几乎不含碳水化合物的纯乳清蛋白。仅仅因为它说它是一种酮蛋白粉,’表示它比100%的乳清蛋白粉更好。值得考虑的另一种相对便宜,经科学证明的补充剂是肌酸一水合物。其他大多数“肌肉锻炼”补品只是未经证实的营销主张。
  • 想满足您的维生素和矿物质需求吗? 多吃微量营养素丰富的食物,例如低碳水化合物蔬菜,内脏肉,鸡蛋和去骨鱼。使用Cronometer之类的应用程序跟踪饮食中维生素和矿物质的摄入量,并用其他食物或您可能摄入不足的特定维生素和矿物质填补空白。这是一种评估您的维生素和矿物质补充剂需求的相对准确的方法,而不必在您不服用的胶囊或粉剂上浪费金钱’t need at all.
  • 是否想增加您的omega-3摄入量? 用鲑鱼和沙丁鱼等肥鱼代替omega-3补品或种子来满足您的omega-3需求。鱼油补品通常包含对我们的健康有害的氧化油,而种子则含有无法有效转化为DHA和EPA的omega-3类型(对我们最有益的omega-3s)。保证获得足够高质量的omega-3的唯一方法是每周饮食中至少包含2-3份脂肪鱼。
  • 想体验胶原蛋白的好处?不要在“酮蛋白”粉上浪费钱。多吃动物皮肤和胶状骨肉汤,和/或补充纯胶原蛋白粉。要了解有关胶原蛋白益处的更多信息, 点击这里.




Fortunately, there are a few strategies you can use to buy 酮-friendly meat and dairy products that are healthy for you, the environment, and your bank account. The most convenient approach is to order your meat, dairy, and other animal products from one of these websites in BULK (and on sale/discounted when possible):





As a quick refresher, here are the key tips and strategies that’ll help you stay on 酮 without breaking the bank:

  • Follow a 酮 budget plan that fits with your lifestyle, goals, and health needs.
  • 搜索交易,折扣和优惠券,并计划他们周围的用餐。
  • 计划使用您购买的所有物品,以免浪费。
  • 散装购买,散装冷冻,然后散装做饭。
  • 充分利用Sam的批量交易’俱乐部,沃尔玛,好市多和/或BJ’s Wholesale.
  • 准备所有您自己的饭菜,调味品,调味料等。
  • 通过使用多种食材并计划剩饭,可以使您的饭菜变得简单。
  • 坚持使用廉价的饮料,例如水,咖啡和茶。停止购买减肥汽水,酒精和其他饮料。
  • 在可能的情况下,在当地和季节性购买蔬菜和/或坚持使用新鲜的菠菜,西兰花和花椰菜。始终购买新鲜的,从未冷冻的产品(除非您在其他地方找到更好的交易)。
  • 散装购买所有肉类。避免使用昂贵的肉块,例如菲力牛排和鸡翅。坚持用地面卡盘,鸡大腿和整只鸡代替。
  • 出售时,购买罐装野生捕捞海鲜,如沙丁鱼和鲑鱼。每周食用不超过2-3份即可获得EPA和DHA的好处,而不会在海鲜上花费过多。
  • Buy eggs in bulk as they can be added to every 酮 meal.
  • 批量购买奶酪,然后自己加工。
  • Leverage the power of online shopping to get non-perishable 酮 essentials for cheap.
  • 使用椰子油,特级初榨橄榄油和黄油作为烹饪的主要脂肪,并增加饮食中的脂肪。
  • Skip the 酮 supplements.
  • 避免吃零食和吃甜点。

此外,对于那些想要提高食品质量和可持续性的人,我建议您退房 吃狂 和/或 当地收获 寻找当地的蔬菜,鸡蛋,肉和奶制品。您还可以通过使用以下方法以便宜的价格将高质量,可持续的动物产品运到您的房屋 美国健康肉, 白橡草牧场和/或 乳房牛奶.

Even if you don’t implement all of our suggestions, the 酮 diet can still be relatively cheap. Simply by making all of your meals at home, it is possible to make a full week of 酮-friendly food for an average of ~$2 per meal.

In other words, many 酮 dieters will be able to have breakfast, 午餐, 晚餐, a side dish, AND some leftovers for around $6 per day. To find out how this is possible, feel free to check out our free one-week 酮 shopping list, budget, and meal plan.


If you’re already doing 酮 on a budget, I’d love to hear your own special tips and tricks to make it easier for everyone else out there that has a tight budget. Please leave a comment below if you know of any money-saving strategies that we missed.